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Low alloy structural steel refers to the steel with better properties than ordinary carbon steel by adding a small amount or trace alloying elements to ordinary carbon steel, which changes the properties of steel. When the amount of alloy added exceeds the general content of carbon steel in normal production methods, this steel is called alloy steel. When the total amount of alloy is less than 5%, it is called low alloy steel. Low alloy steel can be divided into four grades according to strength: 300, 350, 400 and 450MPa. Low alloy steel has special properties such as high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance. Low alloy structural steel, with light deadweight, high strength and high stiffness, plays an important role in the construction of long-span, super tall and super heavy buildings. The material made of low alloy steel has good homogeneity and isotropy. In addition, the plasticity and toughness of the material are also very good. It can have large deformation and bear dynamic load well; Short construction period; It has a high degree of industrialization, can carry out specialized production with a high degree of mechanization, and the product is permanent; Short construction period; Excellent architectural performance Low alloy steel includes weldable low alloy steel for railway, mining, low alloy weathering steel, low alloy high-strength structural steel, low alloy steel for reinforcement and other low alloy steels.

Welding process is the most commonly used method in the production and processing of low alloy structural steel. Therefore, for low alloy high-strength steel, it is very important to use the electric arc welding process widely used in the thickness of thin plates and steel strips for welding, which also requires that the welds of steel structures made should have the required strength and toughness, because this can withstand the most unfavorable conditions for the intended use.

At present, the development of low alloy high strength steel is synchronized with the development of various welding processes, so special attention should be paid to the steel produced with appropriate welding properties. If the welding operation is proper, most low-alloy high-strength steel can be welded well.

Low alloy structural steel

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