Boiler steel plate

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The carbon content of boiler steel plate is between 0.16% and 0.26%. It is a kind of special hot-rolled carbon steel and low-alloy heat-resistant steel plate material. In boiler manufacturing process, boiler steel plate plays an important role. The boiler steel plate can be used to manufacture the main steam pipe, drum, superheater, header cover and other important parts in the boiler. Commonly used boiler steel includes low-carbon killed steel and low-carbon steel.


The boiler steel plate has certain machinability, good high-temperature structure stability, good physical and mechanical properties, good welding and cold bending properties, certain high temperature strength, oxidation resistance, etc.


According to different working conditions, boiler steel plates can be divided into two categories: steel plates for manufacturing room and medium temperature pressure parts and steel plates for manufacturing high temperature pressure parts.

From the perspective of material, boiler steel plate can be divided into two categories: special carbon steel plate and low alloy heat-resistant steel plate.

Manufacturing requirements:

The materials used for boiler steel plates have strict control over chemical composition, especially harmful elements such as phosphorus and sulfur, and residual elements such as chromium, nickel and copper; During smelting, good deoxidation and removal of non-metallic inclusions should also be carried out to ensure good plasticity and toughness; The microstructure should be uniform and the grain size should be controlled within a certain range (usually the grain size should be between 3 and 7); There are also strict requirements for surface quality and internal defects; In addition, the mechanical properties at room temperature and high temperature must be guaranteed.

Main purpose

It is widely used in power plant, chemical industry, boiler, oil and other industries, and is used for equipment and components such as water turbine turbine shell, separator, production reactor, spherical tank, heat exchanger, oil and gas tank, liquefied gas tank, liquefied petroleum gas cylinder, high pressure water pipe of hydropower station.

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