Can stainless steel and carbon steel be welded?

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I believe that many people who make or process steel have more or less the following questions: can stainless steel and carbon steel be welded. Now let me, as a professional who has many years of research in steel manufacturing and processing technology in domestic leading enterprises, take over this problem.

Carbon steel and stainless steel can be welded together. When welding these two kinds of steels, shielded metal arc welding, submerged arc welding, CO2 gas shielded welding and mixed gas shielded welding can be used. Because these are two different steels, during the welding process, cold cracks and cell formation may occur in the welded joints, so preheating must be carried out before welding. In addition, in order to improve the mechanical properties of dissimilar steel welded joints, tempering heat treatment should be carried out after welding.

Tips: The weldability of different materials mainly depends on the metallurgical compatibility, physical properties, surface state, etc. of the two materials. The greater the difference in their performance, the worse the weldability. In addition, the weldability of different materials is also related to the welding process, including the size of the welding joint, the groove form, the welding direction, the welding process parameters and the operation level of the welding process.

stainless steel and carbon steel welded

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