Electroslag remelting furnace

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Electroslag remelting furnace is a resistance smelting furnace. It is a device for remelting metal by using a large amount of heat generated when the current passes through the slag with high resistance.

In addition to furnace transformer, the electrical equipment of electroslag remelting furnace also has the following three parts:

(1) High voltage side equipment mainly includes: disconnector, high-voltage circuit breaker, high-voltage voltage transformer, high-voltage current transformer, etc. 

(2) The low-voltage side equipment mainly includes: short network bus, low-voltage current transformer, etc.

(3) Control equipment, including regulator cabinet, console, drive motor, etc.

The main advantages of electroslag remelting furnace are: 

(1) good phosphorus and sulfur removal effect, and high spindle purity.

(2) Simple equipment, high productivity and low investment.

(3) The molten slag can isolate the molten metal from the outside air and is free from external pollution.

The electroslag remelting furnace has a wide range of applications. It can not only be used to produce aviation bearing steel, superalloys, precision alloys and some non-ferrous metals, but also be used to produce hundreds of tons of large high-quality alloy ingots, large flat ingots or slab ingots, hollow ingots, composite plates, etc.

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