Forging of high carbon steel

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Exercise is a kind of processing method that applies pressure on metal blank through forging machinery to make it produce plastic deformation so as to obtain certain mechanical properties, shapes and ruler pieces. The advantage of forging is that it can eliminate the as cast loose defects produced in the smelting process of metal, optimize the microstructure, and the mechanical properties of forgings are generally better than those of castings of the same material.

High carbon steel has high hardness, good wear resistance, fatigue resistance and hardenability.

The following are the forging steps of high carbon steel.

1. Treat the defects of high carbon steel

2. Preheat the high carbon steel, and then rapidly heat it. The maximum temperature during heating shall not exceed 1150 ℃, and the final heating temperature shall be about 800 ℃.

3. Spheroidizing annealing is adopted after forging to improve its cutting performance and processing plasticity

4. Carry out final heat treatment by quenching and low temperature tempering.

Forging of high carbon steel

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