Hot work tool steel vs cold work tool steel

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At present, the mainstream tool steels in the market are mainly divided into three categories according to their uses, including cold work tool, hot work tool steel, plastic work tool steel. Now let me mainly introduce the difference between hot work steel and cold work tool.

Hot work tool steel

Working conditions: Hot work steel refers to alloy tool steel suitable for mold manufacturing for hot deformation processing of metals.

Characteristic:The composition of hot work die steel is similar to that of alloy quenched and tempered steel. Generally, the mass fraction of carbon is less than 0.5%, and it contains Cr, Mn, Ni, Si and other alloy elements. So hot work abrasive steel focuses on red hardness, thermal conductivity and wear resistance, and alloy elements are added to increase hardenability.

Category: Hot working tool steel includes hammer forging tool, hot extrusion tool and die casting tool and so on.

Hot work Tool Steel

Cold work tool steel

Working conditionsWhen cold work tool steel is working, the working part of the die bears great pressure, bending force, impact force and friction force due to the large deformation resistance of the processed material.
Characteristic: Cold work tool steel is usually composed of high carbon to meet the needs of high hardness and high wear resistance.Generally, cold work tool steel includes tool for making blanking, cold heading tool and cold extrusion tool, bending tool and drawing tool.
Category: Hot rolled material, forged material, cold drawn material, hot rolled steel plate, cold drawn steel,etc.
In general, the basic performance requirements of hot tool steel are high thermoplastic deformation resistance, including high temperature hardness and high temperature strength, high thermoplastic deformation resistance and thermal fatigue resistance, while cold work tool steel focuses on hardness, wear resistance and high carbon content.

Cold Work Tool Steel

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