Welding process of carbon steel

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Welding is a manufacturing process and technology for joining metals or other thermoplastic materials such as plastics by heating, high temperature or high pressure.

In addition, welding is a local rapid heating and cooling process. The welding area cannot expand and contract freely due to the constraints of the surrounding workpiece body. After cooling, welding stress and deformation will occur in the weldment. After welding, important products need to eliminate welding stress and correct welding deformation.

When welding carbon steel, air combustion supporting welding gun with uniform heating shall be preferred. During heating, the flame shall be soft and completely cover the welding area. With the connection area as the center, move the flame up, down, left and right to make the connection area evenly heated. The filler wire shall first heat the base metal, and at the same time, the cored coal wire shall touch the workpiece in the connection area. When it is found that the welding wire can melt, the welding wire shall be fed immediately and the heating shall be stopped to avoid damage to the base metal due to over burning. Feed the welding wire until the melted filler metal fills the weld head. Remove the welding gun after welding and let it cool naturally.

Welding process of carbon steel

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