T1 High Speed/1.3355/HS18-0-1/SKH2

T1 has good wear resistance, high toughness, high hardness (62~66HRC), good red hardness and easy grinding. It can still maintain the cutting performance of the tool when the working temperature is lower than 600 ℃.

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  • T1 /1.3355/HS18-0-1/SKH2

T1 High Speed/1.3355/HS18-0-1/SKH2

Physical Properties of HSS T-1 Steels

Density8.67 g/cm30.313 lb/in3

Mechanical Properties of T-1 Steel

Hardness, Rockwell C63.0-65.063.0-65.0
Poisson's ratio0.27-0.300.27-0.30
Elastic modulus190-210 GPa27557-30457 ksi

Thermal Properties of T1 Tool Steel

T (°C)Treatment
Thermal expansion9.7 x 10-6/ºC20-200 more
Thermal conductivity19.9 x W/m-K100 more

Forging of AISI HSS T1 Tool Steel

  1. Preheat T1 high speed steel uniformly and slowly to 850-880°C.

  2. Increase the forging temperature for T1 tool steel until 1050-1130°C.

  3. T1 hss tool steel should be cooled very slowly after forging.

AISI/ASTM T1 Tool Steel Heat Treatment and Properties

TreatmentTemperature RangeCooling/QuenchingNotes
Forging1700-2100° FSlowCool slowly in dry sand or in other insulating media.
Annealing1600-1650° FCool slowly at a rate of 35° F per hour to 1000° F.For best results, insulating media is desirable. Hold at temperature for 2 hours.
Stress Relieving1100-1300° FCool slowlyStress relieve after rough machining
Preheating1500-1550° F
Preheat time in furnace is ¾ Hr. per inch of thickness. Heating up to temperature as slow as possible.
Hardening2325-2375° F (furnace)Quench in air or warm oil. To minimize quenching strains, quench in salt at 1000° FFor maximum wear resistance, harden at 2375° F. For maximum toughness and high hardness, harden at 2275° F.
2275-2350° F (salt bath)
Tempering1022 ° F-1058 ° FTemper T1 high-speed steel immediately after quenching. Hold for at least two hoursDouble tempering is recommended. The usual tempering time is 2+2 hours. Recommended temperature is 1000-1075° F for cutting tools. 1100-1200° F for shock tools

Applications of ASTM/AISI T1 Tool Steel

Generally, high speed steels are used for machining at high speeds. HSS T1 steel materials are widely used for:

  • Broaches

  • Drills

  • Hobs

  • Knurling Tools

  • Lathe Tools

  • Milling Cutters

  • Nut Piercers

  • Planer Tools

  • Reamers

  • Shaving Tools

  • Taps

  • Thread Cutting Tools



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